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I’ve barely touched DCU in the past few years, so I’m pretty rusty. I’d recommend hitting up your Dell Rep, or Dell Enterprise Support. If this isn’t a feature they have built in , then it is something that should be added.

It is also possible to have problems if you do not complete the uninstall of Dell Update. To be clear, you should completely uninstall Dell Update and all of its files. Programs and Features or System Restore are the most effective ways to uninstall Dell Update. The System Restore utility allows you to restore your Windows operating system to its original state.

We’d like to highlight that from time to time, we may miss a potentially malicious software program. To continue promising you a malware-free catalog of programs and apps, our team has integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page that loops your feedback back to us. While Microsoft has brought the Your Phone app on Windows 10 for all PCs, Dell has developed its own solution called Dell Mobile Connect which can only be used on Dell PCs. It has all the features of Your Phone app and on top of that, adds some new ones too such as screen mirroring, notification reply, calling, messaging, and more.

Possible Issues of Using Dell Command Update on Windows 11

Researchers at SentinelLabs say that they found various exploitable bugs in one of Dell’s Windows kernel drivers, which they reported back in December 2020. 2.When the Video File Download window opens, click Save the driver file to disk and click OK. DisplayLink Manager is a native Windows app that offers quick and easy access to display and audio setting adjustment controls.

No idea why, it just sat there then rebooted and all was well. My motherboard has a feature that if it can’t load the bios 5 times in a row (start up computer.. wait… Restart) it will actually go back to the original bios. BIOS is the hardware verification and pre-boot check of the computer system originally IBM only until it got cloned. It’s the main reasons you still see a 2032 battery on motherboards to ensure that the BIOS settings aren’t lost. However since the switch to UEFI (which is becoming like a mini-OS to manage your hardware) it’s getting less common. I have patched the BIOS and firmware of computers from a PC to a Sun/Oracle SPARC machine.

  • Build a DIY Mac mini – From Macworld, the author’s personal experience of building a small PC and installing macOS Sierra using other tutorials.
  • Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases.
  • If you are not receiving driver updates from Dell Read more for four months, your computer may encounter issues.

For Dell monitors with built-in speakers, you can select the monitor itself as the playback device. Similarly if you are using external headphones, you will be able to select them here. Therefore, it is critically important to set the audio output of your PC to the specific monitor or audio device you are using. Not all Dell displays have built-in speakers and/or support audio outputfunctionality. Also make sure you use a Displayport cable, Freesync compatible with GSync monitors don’t work with HDMI cables if you’re using a nVidia GPU.


The dell mobile connects app only runs in a new laptop launched after 2018 by Dell . Features of this app connect your Android or IOS device to your Laptop via Bluetooth and you can send, receive messages or calls on your Laptop. If you follow all the steps carefully then you install the dell mobile connect app on your device without any trouble. Note – If you install dell mobile connect version 3 then you don’t need to follow steps 4, 5, and 6. Dell mobile connect automatically starts downloading the latest driver.

Microsoft has also developed its own Your Phone app for Windows 10, Android and iOS, but Dell is beating Microsoft in the quest to unify PC and mobile experiences. It could be a coincidence, but I was running windows update when I saw the window open and close. That might not have anything to do with it though. I recently did a factory reset on my laptop, and the only things that are installed are Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice, and Malwarebytes Premium.

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